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Kawai K500 Aures2

Kawai K500 Aures 2

Product Description

The Kawai K500 Aures 2 is the pinnacle of Kawai Hybrid Pianos, offering the power and beautiful tone of the K500 with the technology of the ATX system plus speakers mounted in the soundboard.

The AURES 2 hybrid instruments blend Kawai’s masterful acoustic piano craftsmanship with advanced digital piano technologies. Each piano begins with the solid foundation of Kawai’s award-winning upright and grand pianos, offering class-leading features such as the Millennium III action, considered to be the world’s finest upright and grand piano actions.

Equipped with Kawai’s most advanced digital and sound technologies, AURES 2 instruments are also premium digital pianos that can be played silently with headphones or through their acoustic soundboard. Players can complement their performances with a wide selection of digital sounds or layer these sounds with the acoustic piano to create unique combinations. Practice new pieces using the built-in metronome then record their performance, or play along with tracks from a Bluetooth-connected smart device and enjoy a personal ensemble performance.

All AURES 2 upright and grand piano instruments incorporate Kawai’s specially developed acoustic muting systems which effectively prevent the action’s hammers from striking the strings, thus silencing the sound of each note when played.

More information

Height 130 cm
Width 150 cm
Depth 62 cm
Weight 238 kg


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