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Digital Conversions

With our Digital Conversions, it allows you to have your old piano converted to digital or choose from our wide selection of stunning traditional piano cases.

An amazing way of recycling pianos and giving them a new lease of life!


Very often older pianos come to a point where they are no longer tuneable and it is not financially viable to recondition them. Digital Conversions are an amazing, innovative way of giving these treasured older pianos a new lease of life! Enjoy all the benefits of a modern Kawai digital piano within a beautiful piano case… play through headphones, connect your phone or tablet, experiment with different voices and piano sounds, plug in your laptop… the options are endless!

Control Drawer

The control panel of the Kawai digital piano is neatly built into a sliding wooden drawer that tucks neatly away under the keyboard…

Choose from our wide selection of Digital Conversion piano cases here…

How to measure your own piano to check whether it would be suitable for conversion to digital… 

These are the crucial measurements required so that we can install the Kawai digital piano inside.