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Piano Rental

Are you just beginning to play and not sure whether to invest in buying a piano at the moment?

Our rental scheme offers you the opportunity to play on a real piano and is ideal for young learners to see how committed by they are to the piano. If you progress really well, you may wish to purchase a piano from us and we can allow you 50% of the monthly rental payments made (up to a maximum £500) against a piano bought from us.

At the end of the minimum 6 month period, you can decide to either return the piano, continue to rent it or purchase another instrument from us with our special discount.

Please contact us for further details of this scheme.

Delivery charge: £75-£85
Deposit: £150 – £250 (which is refunded on the safe return of the piano at the end of the rental)
Weekly charge: £15 including VAT
If you decide not to continue with the piano rental at the end of the six months and you decide not to purchase the piano, there would be a collection fee of £75-85.

The piano will arrive tuned and come with a piano stool. Tuning is normally required every six months.