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Kawai K500

Kawai K500 upright piano

Product Description

The K Series upright pianos offer a level of tone quality and performance that stands them apart from the competition. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K Series models are excellent pianos that will exceed your expectations.

The New Kawai K500 is an impressive, 130cm tall upright piano and offers a rich, warm sounding tonal range. A more than worthy successor to the established Kawai K5.

Longer keys give more control for the pianist and the NEOTEX key material (an exclusive material used by Kawai)  replicates the feel of real ebony and ivory.

As with all our Kawai upright pianos, it comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

More information

Height 130 cm
Width 150 cm
Depth 62 cm
Weight 238 kg