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Pre-owned Pianos

NEW STOCK ARRIVING – Phone for our latest stock information as some pianos don’t make it on to the website before being sold! New stock is arriving on a regular basis.  

Be very wary of choosing an old piano on eBay or other internet auction sites… what can seem to be a bargain can often end up being very costly! 

We stock a selection of both reconditioned (rebuilt) pianos and overhauled (serviced) pianos. Older pianos, although cheaper to buy, may end up being unsuitable for your home. The majority of customers who live in modern, energy efficient homes will find that these older pianos struggle with the dry, warm atmosphere. This can present tuning issues, which sometimes lead to the piano being no longer tuneable.

An old piano, which plays poorly and doesn’t hold its tune will be discouraging to play and may even put an enthusiastic pianist off playing completely!

If you are looking for an older style of piano, it would be worth considering a fully reconditioned instrument (a piano prepared for modern housing) or even one of our digital conversions.

The stock of these pre-owned pianos changes so rapidly that keeping this section perfectly up-to-date stock isn’t always possible, but please contact us if you would like more information about any of the pianos featured. We always have a good selection of modern style and traditional style upright pianos and grand pianos. Click on the links below to view the selections of pre-owned pianos.

All of our pre-owned pianos are tuned to concert pitch, are prepared in our workshops and come with a guarantee.

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We have grouped our pre-owned pianos into the following price bands. New stock of pre-owned pianos arrive regularly, so although we may have many sold tickets on our page, there are still plenty to choose from – we endeavour to keep as up to date as possible! Please contact us for individual prices.

CLICK ON the boxes below to display the pianos in each price band.

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