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Benefits of playing

Playing the piano has many wonderful benefits for both young and old…

Discover for yourself the many great benefits to playing the piano. Your children may have an easier time learning maths, improve their attention span and increase their self-confidence. Most importantly there is huge enjoyment and sense of achievement in learning, improving and performing music! Studies have shown that amongst all the other benefits, a child’s IQ can increase when learning to play a musical instrument.

The same is also true for the more mature person too… Research with a group of 60 to 83 year olds showed significant differences in cognitive test results compared to non-musicians and they were able to absorb new information much better. Learning the piano really is a wonderful way of keeping the mind and body active. You’re never too old to learn!.. Our oldest customer took up the piano at the age of 92!

Come along and see us to find out more about the many benefits of playing the piano – it is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Finding a good piano teacher that you get on well with makes a huge difference to your experience of learning and speed of progress. We can recommend excellent local piano teachers for you.

London Piano Institute –

Piano education for adults of all abilities in the City of London and Mayfair. Classical, jazz, blues and popular piano styles catered for. No prior experience required. New course openings throughout the year. Group and individual tuition for adults.

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