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Stools & Cabinets

Sheet Music Cabinets


We offer an extensive range of Dean Watts Bespoke Furniture Sheet Music Cabinets, with a wide choice of wood finishes and handle styles designed to compliment and enhance your existing furniture.

John Austin Cabinet

John Austin CabinetCabinets range from models with 5 to 28 drawers ensuring that there will be a cabinet that is right for you and your music.


Dean Watts Oak music cabinet Dean Watts Oak music cabinet

Music Cabinet Handles – We offer a choice of many different handle styles or Dean will happily fit handles that you have sourced yourself.

Handle Styles






Dimensions of cabinets

Single width cabinet 52cm wide x 41cm deep

Double width cabinet 100cm wide x 41cm deep

Heights of cabinets with plinth base (add 2cm bracket feet)

No. of drawers 3 4 5 6 7
Plinth base 36cm 44cm 52cm 60cm 69cm
No. of drawers 8 9 10 11 12
Plinth base 78cm 87cm 96cm 104cm 112cm
No. of drawers 14
Plinth base 129cm


Piano Stools

Our new piano stools start from just £85

We have an excellent selection of piano stools from British manufacturers – Woodhouse and Dean Watts – and we now also supply Stagg hydraulic lift piano stools.

Please contact us or pop in to see our selection of stools.

Selection of Dean Watts stools:

Dean Watts Bespoke Furniture manufacture a range of beautiful piano stools, available in a wide range of wood finishes and seat options.

Click on the thumbnail here, to see the larger seat colour chart.



The Woodhouse MS601 adjustable stool is our best selling mid-price piano stool:

Woodhouse MS601



This stool is available in a wide range of wood finishes, with a selection of seat tops. Click on the colours above for larger colour samples. Woodhouse make a wide variety of adjustable and box stools available as solo and duet sizes.

There are also some piano stools available from Fletcher and Newman. Below are some pictures

5028B Tozer Leather Concert Piano Stool